Return Policy: Items purchased are fully refundable within one month of purchase.  If the ring has been worn, a $5.00  charge for refurbishing will be required.  Send copy of invoice.  If charged, send card number for refund.

Exchange Policy: Rings which have not been worn can be exchanged  for size or style within one year if nominal postage and handling fees, as set forth in the chart below, are enclosed with your request for the correct size.  If you have worn the ring  for a few hours before determining it to be the wrong size it will likely have scuffs on the shank which must be buffed out so a $5.00 refurbishing charge will apply.  Having these rings sized is more expensive than exchanging them and is not recommended due to the heat involved in soldering, which will destroy the careful tempering necessary to the design.

Package carefully.  Items lost in shipping or received damaged cannot be refunded.  Please package work for return in a hard sided box  and considering insuring.


Customer Name: ___________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________

City: _________________ State: ____________ Zip: ____________

Telephone Work#: ________________ Home: ___________________

Ship to: (if different from above)
Customer Name: ___________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________

City: _________________ State: ____________ Zip: ____________

Please specify ring size needed or use returned ring to describe how much larger or smaller the new ring should be. 

Shipping & Handling
$    00.01  to  $ 100.00    -   $10.50
$  100.01  to  $ 400.00    -   $12.50
$  400.01  to  $1000.00   -   $14.50
$1000.01  to  $2000.00   -   $16.50

Two Day: $32.00
Alaska and Hawaii  -  Call
Sorry, we do not ship outside of 
the United States.

Customers risk option: US Mail uninsured $2.50  

Ring Size Needed: _____________

Refurbishing Charge: ($5) _______

"Texas Residents Only"
add tax for refurbishing $0.43. ___________

Shipping Charges: _____________

                  Total: _____________



Payment:  [  ]Check  [  ]Money Order  ||  Charge  [  ]MC  [  ]Visa  [  ]Discover 

Card Number#  ___________________________________Exp: _____________

Name on Card: ____________________________________________________

Cardholder Signature: _______________________________________________

If you are sending by UPS, ship to the following address:
Sharon Johnston ° 1351 N. Buckner Blvd., #180385 ° Dallas, Texas ° 75218
If you are sending  by US Mail use PO Box 180385 Dallas TX 75218. Do not ship FedEx.