Are the Stones Securely Held ?
I hand-build each of my designs. Nothing is cast or otherwise mass produced. I fabricate each piece by hand and then temper the sterling or gold in such a way that the stones are tension-set and interchangeable. While they can be exchanged by the wearer, the stones are securely held when being worn.

I have been designing interchangeable gemstone jewelry for over thirty years, and have seen bad copies and knock-offs come and go. I am proud to say that many of my customers who grew up wearing my pieces are still wearing the jewelry that they bought from me decades ago. Moreover, they are buying them for their children and grandchildren.

How Do I Change the Stones in My Ring?
There are two basic ways to change the stones in my rings. If the ring is symmetrical, like the Original Ring or the M-Ring, simply grasp the stones and pull hard , taking it out the top of the ring. Then push the new stone in from the top.

With the asymmetrical rings, such as the Wave Ring or the Triple-Plus ring, push the stone down into the ring (while it is not on your finger). To push the stone in, position the stone inside the ring and push it into the vacant opening.

Better yet, just look at my stone demo video presentation on the home page of this web site.

Do You Have Other Designs Not Shown on the Web Site?

Yes. I am developing new designs all the time. What you see on this web site are designs that I keep made up in advance so that I can get your order to you promptly. At an art show, you will see one-of-a-kind pieces and the newest designs that I working on, plus some designs such as bracelets that need to be fitted in person. If you saw a design of mine you like on a friend, but it’s not on the web site and you can’t meet me at an art show, please call and describe the piece. I may be able to fix you up.

Where Can I See Your work in Person?
Please check my show schedule on this web site. Better yet, join my e-mail list, and I will send you a notice when I am attending an art festival in your area. I enjoy showing my work at art festivals around the country, but it is a schedule that can change each year. Keep in touch.

What If the Rings I Ordered Doesn’t Fit?
I am always happy to exchange a ring for the correct size as long as the ring has not been worn. Just return it promptly in a box ( not just a envelope - the post office equipment will separate it from the envelope every time) and I will send you the proper size. Don’t take it to your local jewelry store. They can ruin the tempering of the ring without realizing it, and the ring won’t hold the stone securely.

Can I Buy Your Designs in Retail Stores?
No. I only sell my work at art shows and through this web site.