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This symetrical ring is distinguished by the V-shaped prongs on either side that secure the stone. The stone is pushed out the top of the ring, and the new stone inserted from the top. The ring in made for two stone sizes: 7mm and 8mm.

I hand-build and spring temper my rings so that they hold the gemstones securely yet allow the wearer to change the stones easily. In this symmetrical style, the stones are removed by pulling them out of the top of the ring. The symmetrical styles are slightly heavier mountings so the force required to remove them is greater, since they are pulled out the top. Still, I don't recommend the A, M, and 2V styles be worn for activities such as contact sports.


Each ring is designed for its particular stone size. This ring can be purchased for either 7mm or 8mm stones. The most popular size is the 8 millimeter (8mm). It is about the size of an English pea or 5/16th of an inch. (Please note that because of differences in monitors, the stone images on your screen may not be true to size or exact color).   The stock number of each ring contains its millimeter size. For example, the 2V-8 ring takes an 8mm Stone. The rings, like all of my interchangeable gemstone jewelry, are sold as mountings. The stones are priced separately, giving you the freedom to choose as many stones as you wish to go with the ring. See Stones for ordering information.

And once the ring is ready, please put it in rotation on the home page.  Call or email if you have questions.